to trim or not to trim

January 23, 2012

A sleepy Coco just got one of his claws trimmed. The trimmed claw indeed split like an onion which was unusual to see for the first time. It was shiny on the outside so it was similar to a brittle oyster shell breaking. Some experts say that it’s meant to split from the outer layer so it’s OK. However, the following article makes some good points that it should be left to split naturally on it’s own especially for an outdoor cat with claws that are not very long: What if they want to be on your lap or play with you with their paws, but can’t because of their sharp claws; then would it be OK to trim them? Sadly, maybe not- as long as they continue to climb high outside. They do climb on roofs so they may need them for a better grip to not fall.

Sharp claws hiding in these paws


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