feline neighbors

January 25, 2012

A few weeks ago, a friendly hyper bushy brindle-colored stout-and-striped indoor cat was found- with his jingling tagged collar and plastic-capped claws… which was a little sad to see as he would not be able to defend himself from other animals like Chicken and Coco who are much bigger than him. The tag had “Jack Attack” (assuming it’s named after the baby in Disney’s The Incredibles) with a phone number. The number on his tag was called, and it turned out to be an immediate neighbor of Chicken and Coco. They said Jack has his litter box in the garage and likes to sneak out when the garage is open, and they were surprised that he was out. Though, perhaps they didn’t mind it as they didn’t seem worried enough to pick Jack up themselves in a timely manner. In fact, Chicken and Coco’s folks ended up having to return Jack themselves.

The next following weeks, Jack would be seen playing outside late at night with his garage closed sometimes. Once, with his folks outside with him in the day time so that was comforting to see. One of the more interesting times was seeing that Jack had a friend, a striking sleek black cat with glowing lime-yellow eyes who was very gentle- but feared Chicken and Coco by hissing at them. No collar and a much smaller and slender frame than the rest. Jack on the other hand seemed very curious but would then refrain back to hiding under a car with his friend. Well on this windy night, these two were seen again playing on Jack’s front lawn… his garage closed. And a realization- could Jack’s friend be a missing loved one on one of the flyers on the pole near the bus stop in the neighborhood? hm…


Speaking of feline neighbors, Chicken and Coco have a regular burglar coming into their home- a fat orange cat with a white mask and white mittens. And he visits to steal food very very often… sometimes more than three times a day. There are only blurry photos of this chubby sneakster as he very well keeps his distance. Chicken and Coco would just watch him from afar. Would it be a good idea to catch this thief and take him to the shelter? Chicken and Coco can’t afford to share their food!

*Update: Black cat seemed to have a belled collar like Jack Attack recently!


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