the raccoon

June 19, 2012

It appears that it’s not so uncommon for cats to be eaten by raccoons. A small-medium sized racoon had been spotted in Chicken and Coco’s backyard about a month ago in day time. And for a while even before that there had been signs of a larger aggressively hungry animal tearing through the large bags of dried cat food stored in the garage. Chicken and Coco usually rest at a high shelf there; and what’s interesting to point out is that they had moved their favorite spot further from the edge even though their bed had been there for years. Considering the fact that Chicken was locked out of his home the night he went missing and that there weren’t many small mammals hunted by Chicken or Coco appearing at the front porch as ‘gifts’, it can’t be helped but to imagine a very hungry racoon close by the same night. Furthermore Cole who is out at night close by is missing too. And according to this article, a racoon can eat cat after cat. As stomach twisting and heart wrenching as it sounds, what may need to be done is try to determine where a racoon would hide his food or how it would leave a mess of cat fur and bones. 😦

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