the raccoon

June 19, 2012

It appears that it’s not so uncommon for cats to be eaten by raccoons. A small-medium sized racoon had been spotted in Chicken and Coco’s backyard about a month ago in day time. And for a while even before that there had been signs of a larger aggressively hungry animal tearing through the large bags of dried cat food stored in the garage. Chicken and Coco usually rest at a high shelf there; and what’s interesting to point out is that they had moved their favorite spot further from the edge even though their bed had been there for years. Considering the fact that Chicken was locked out of his home the night he went missing and that there weren’t many small mammals hunted by Chicken or Coco appearing at the front porch as ‘gifts’, it can’t be helped but to imagine a very hungry racoon close by the same night. Furthermore Cole who is out at night close by is missing too. And according to this article, a racoon can eat cat after cat. As stomach twisting and heart wrenching as it sounds, what may need to be done is try to determine where a racoon would hide his food or how it would leave a mess of cat fur and bones. 😦

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June 15, 2012


Coco is hands down a companion-cat. He follows his family members every where; he can follow on the sidewalk with no problem. He would watch his folks intensely with curiosity and stay close. It’s probably safe to say Coco is much like a loyal dog as he also comes when he is called. This is one thing that makes Coco different from his brother as well as the fact that Coco is much more calm than Chicken. In the near future, Coco would definitely be allowed to roam indoors close to his folks; Chicken and Coco could only stay in certain rooms. Now that Chicken is gone, it is difficult to see Coco more alone.



June 12, 2012


Turns out the black cat really lives with Jack Attack, and his name is Cole. His folks say he’s gone missing for about two weeks now. Is it possible that a catnapper is out there taking Cole and Chicken some week/s apart? If Chicken does have a new home, his folks wish at least to know about it.

The city’s offical pound have been called along with a lost animal form filled out. Chicken has been called around the neighborhood. Some door to door have been tried too. What’s next is the scavenger hunt such as under bushes and in corners. Also, large bright posters: The sad thing is the home owners association take the fliers down every time as if they have nothing better else to do.

Chicken and 3 nights :(

June 11, 2012

Chicken was locked out from his home one night and has not come back for 3 nights already. His folks are worried. His brother is noticeably sleepless too. 😦

tuxedo cat

May 31, 2012


It was delightful to see Coco actually being friendly and relaxed to another cat. Coco and Chicken have had some tension between Jack Attack and the black cat but they’ve been seen sitting next to each other as if they have come to terms. Unfortunately, this tuxedo cat who was much larger did not seem to accept Coco’s friendliness quickly. Coco would make a chuckling meow to the tuxedo cat; it was the same chuckling meow he uses towards birds for some reason. The tuxedo cat would continue to growl at Coco but curious as he would come up to Coco then change his mind then try again. Interestingly, Tuxedo Cat would take water that was offered to him and he made a chuckling meow then went back to growling at Coco.


Some week/s later, Tuxedo Cat and Coco fought. It was difficult to see who started but assuming Coco had been relaxed and never growled as witnessed before, most likely it was Tuxedo Cat to be blamed as he was also in Coco territory. The fought happened in the backyard of Chicken and Coco’s home. Coco was slightly behind Tuxedo Cat; both of them half sitting and looking at each other straight in the eyes only a few inches away. Coco was making the chuckling noise and Tuxedo Cat was growling. They suddenly snapped and both of them rolled on the grass with claws in skin and mouths on necks. Importantly, the fought was interrupted by their human auntie- she ran like a drunkard towards them and indeed it scared them into darting separation. Tuxedo Cat clung to the wooden fence as if to see what else she would do… maybe offer more water? No. Only to be scared again and Tuxedo Cat darted under a black basin that was in backyard surrounded by tall grass and weeds and knocked the basin over. Poor guy. But poor Coco- he was found sitting behind a neighbor’s tree on the other side of the backyard; the look on his face looked as if he was recalculating in silence. It took a while to call him but he finally snapped out of it and limped his way. There was black and white fur stuck on his claws. Sigh. Coco stopped limping a few hours after and fortunately if stayed that way… while the tuxedo cat has been spotted coming in and out of Chicken and Coco’s backyards and garage.

What are your thoughts on cat fights? Should they be left alone as if it is some business that they must take care on their own such as establishing rank and territories? A friend has warned to leave them be as it is possible interruption may be worse. 😦

summer time play

April 23, 2012



Photo733Chicken couldn’t seem to get back down as he was meowing frantically.
A temporary ramp was made. :3

Photo735Photo737Photo738Alas they knock out.

feline neighbors

January 25, 2012

A few weeks ago, a friendly hyper bushy brindle-colored stout-and-striped indoor cat was found- with his jingling tagged collar and plastic-capped claws… which was a little sad to see as he would not be able to defend himself from other animals like Chicken and Coco who are much bigger than him. The tag had “Jack Attack” (assuming it’s named after the baby in Disney’s The Incredibles) with a phone number. The number on his tag was called, and it turned out to be an immediate neighbor of Chicken and Coco. They said Jack has his litter box in the garage and likes to sneak out when the garage is open, and they were surprised that he was out. Though, perhaps they didn’t mind it as they didn’t seem worried enough to pick Jack up themselves in a timely manner. In fact, Chicken and Coco’s folks ended up having to return Jack themselves.

The next following weeks, Jack would be seen playing outside late at night with his garage closed sometimes. Once, with his folks outside with him in the day time so that was comforting to see. One of the more interesting times was seeing that Jack had a friend, a striking sleek black cat with glowing lime-yellow eyes who was very gentle- but feared Chicken and Coco by hissing at them. No collar and a much smaller and slender frame than the rest. Jack on the other hand seemed very curious but would then refrain back to hiding under a car with his friend. Well on this windy night, these two were seen again playing on Jack’s front lawn… his garage closed. And a realization- could Jack’s friend be a missing loved one on one of the flyers on the pole near the bus stop in the neighborhood? hm…


Speaking of feline neighbors, Chicken and Coco have a regular burglar coming into their home- a fat orange cat with a white mask and white mittens. And he visits to steal food very very often… sometimes more than three times a day. There are only blurry photos of this chubby sneakster as he very well keeps his distance. Chicken and Coco would just watch him from afar. Would it be a good idea to catch this thief and take him to the shelter? Chicken and Coco can’t afford to share their food!

*Update: Black cat seemed to have a belled collar like Jack Attack recently!


January 25, 2012


Chicken begging for some quick late night junk food so off to Cat-Mcdonalds aka Friskies. There were only two flavors left at the store though. Perhaps the Friskies should only be used for emergency, but then it seems like every day is an emergency. However this habit will be broken by replacing it with some fresh chicken …very soon!

to trim or not to trim

January 23, 2012

A sleepy Coco just got one of his claws trimmed. The trimmed claw indeed split like an onion which was unusual to see for the first time. It was shiny on the outside so it was similar to a brittle oyster shell breaking. Some experts say that it’s meant to split from the outer layer so it’s OK. However, the following article makes some good points that it should be left to split naturally on it’s own especially for an outdoor cat with claws that are not very long: What if they want to be on your lap or play with you with their paws, but can’t because of their sharp claws; then would it be OK to trim them? Sadly, maybe not- as long as they continue to climb high outside. They do climb on roofs so they may need them for a better grip to not fall.

Sharp claws hiding in these paws


This was found along with a mess when the two furballs were left in a room unknowingly with catnip bags for a minute. They both had the most interesting play fight afterwards -wasn’t caught on camera though; boo. so all there’s left is a clip of Coco with stoned eyes. …and wanting more.